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Buy Beauty Blender

For the protection of our clients, we strongly recommend consulting the provided list of authorized retailers (Click Here) prior to purchasing beautyblender in-store. Purchasing products from unauthorized retailers or discounted websites may result in unauthentic or counterfeit products. As such, we do not guarantee the authenticity of products purchased from unauthorized retailers.

buy beauty blender

beautyblender does not offer products through individuals, street vendors, flea markets, internet auctions, most independent boutiques, or unauthorized online retailers. We also do not sell our products wholesale over the internet.

The unique shape and exclusive material available only with beautyblender ensures impeccable, streak-free application with minimum product waste. Use it with foundations, powders, and any other complexion product.

Made with the same exclusive ultra-plush foam as the original beautyblender. When wet, it becomes mega soft and mimics pores to create a natural airbrushed application easily. Plus, it absorbs water, not makeup, so your fave formulas land on your skin, not in your sponge. Made in the USA.

After becoming one ofthe most sought-after make up artists in Hollywood, founder Rea Ann Silvadisrupted the beauty industry with Beautyblender. She designed the edgeless,one-of-a-kind make up sponge to ensure her clients looked flawless whileon camera. Creating a smooth, airbrushed finish, the super-soft applicatorbounces foundations, concealers and other liquid bases for pro-worthy resultsevery time.

This latex-free cosmetic sponge perfect for foundation application and contouring. It's unique shape allows the blender to be used for many different products and easy to grip. Use the pointed top to contour and sculpt, the flat edge for foundation application to larger areas of the face with a flawless finish. This sponge is also great for adding highlight and blush to different areas of the face.

AOA Wonder Blender rivals the beauty industry's leading makeup blender brand and is the ultimate sponge tool for all liquid, cream and powder products. This sponge provides a flawless, airbrushed finish without streaking or blotchiness.

I love this blender. Hands down one of the best that I have tried. I received this one in my boxycharm box and it took me a while to finally try it. I wish I had opened it on day one. The texture is unbelievably soft and bouncy. This makes applying my makeup with a smooth and flawless coverage super simple and quick. Not only that, but it has held up to the daily washes very well. I've been using for about 4 months and i'm buying another just because I want a new one without all my different shades of makeup stains in it. Seriously, I have put this poor blender through hell and it has come through like a champ. The only thing it didn't hold up to was when my puppy got the smaller tear drop shaped one. RIP

That raises a good question, though. How should you be washing your beauty applicators? We know we should wash our blenders and sponges after every use and our brushes pretty frequently, but what are the best cleaning products to keep bacteria and breakouts at bay?

After over a decade of knowledge and expertise, beauty artist and educator, Lilit Caradanian, is the founder and developer behind Elcie Cosmetics.Elcie, which stands for the initials of Lilit Caradanian, was created to introduce products that are user-friendly and staples in everyone's makeup bag.

In theory, knowing how to clean your Beautyblender is easy. Wash, rinse, repeat. But remember that viral Reddit thread where people were cutting open their Beautyblenders to reveal disgusting masses of foundation inside? Yeah, I do too every time I go to use a makeup sponge. If that's not enough to make you wonder how to clean a Beautyblender properly, I don't know what to tell you.

That said, we get it if cleaning your makeup sponges (along with your other brushes) is pretty low on your list of priorities. But when it comes down to it, it's really not so bad. While cleanliness is top of mind, take advantage of all this time at home to give your sponges a good deep clean. If you've ever wondered the best way to clean your Beautyblender, we rounded up four foolproof methods.

If you're using a liquid soap, squeeze some directly on the sponge and work it in by massaging with your fingers, or up against the palm of your hand to break up makeup. If you're using a bar soap, rub the sponge directly on the soap to work up a lather. Beautyblender makes specialty liquid and bar soap, but many pros also swear by dish soap for a less expensive option.

Jeung likes to add in a combination of Beautyblender liquid cleanser and Meyers laundry detergent before running the washing machine on gentle, with an extra rinse cycle. Remove them from the washer and keep them in the bag to hang-dry

Purchased one of these sponges awhile back on a recommendation from Casey Holmes on Youtube, and GIRL......these makeup sponges blow all of the other ones out of the water! These are so soft and squishy, way squishier than beauty benders. And they hold up very well, I've had my first one for months and it has yet to get a tear in it or crumble apart, even with me washing it many times. They are the perfect size as well, big enough to get the job done fast, but small enough to blend out products precisely. And you can't beat the price!! My favorite makeup sponge that I've tried!

Countless beauty gurus, professional makeup artists, and makeup lovers, who previously used brushes of different sizes and single-use sponges for contouring, have simplified their makeup routines by using this one vital tool.

The pointed tips of beautyblenders also allow them to blend products and conceal blemishes in hard-to-reach areas, such as under or in the inner corners of your eyes, around the eyebrows, and around the nose.

While Beautyblenders are typically dampened before use, some makeup artists use them dry to build up to full coverage. Take note, though, that doing this can make the sponge absorb more product, which can be wasteful.

An original Beautyblender currently costs $20, which is a steep price for a makeup sponge. In fact, it may even cost more than some of the actual makeup products, especially those from drugstore brands.

They may come in different shapes or feature angled edges that make them more effective at applying different products. For instance, Beautyblender alternatives with angled edges achieve more precise contouring.

You can also use your Beautyblender or Beautyblender alternative to apply other products in the more advanced steps of your makeup routine! Just make sure to use different sponges for different products to avoid mixing them together.

Run your brushes under slightly warm water to clear out some of the makeup and oil. Gently massage the bristles of your brush or gently squeeze your beauty blender to saturate the entire applicator with water.

There are a number of drying racks you can buy that are especially made for makeup brushes, but beauty gurus have been hacking their own for years, with everything from pool noodles to folded towels. Whatever you use to dry your brushes, just make sure your bristles are facing down and not drying directly on a surface.

3. Wedge-shaped makeup sponge Triangle wedges, round makeup sponges, and oval contouring makeup blender sponges oftencome into this category. They are thicker and firmer and tend to break more painlessly. Sincethey don't absorb a lot of product, they are called for heavy coverage. Often, there will be somevideos showing drying up the under-eye area with disposable wedges, as they deposit a lot of product. 041b061a72


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