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Apple Knight: The Ultimate Guide to the Action RPG Platformer

Apple Knight is an action platform role-playing game where you're the valiant hero who is exploring a vast, magical fantasyland. Discover secrets, exciting quests, pets, and valuable loot in your adventures. Defeat tough bosses using your weapons, magical items and spells. Fight wizards, knights, and monsters - or use traps to take them out from a safe distance! Make sure to upgrade your abilities regularly to stay on top of the challenge. You can upgrade armor, pets, weapons, and spells! There are several difficulty settings as well, so everyone can play Apple Knight and have fun!

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Players fight opponents and gather coins and other items in APPLE KNIGHT. On-screen arrows and buttons enable moves such as walking left or right, jumping, or swinging their sword. They need to try to avoid pitfalls, such as opponents who toss rocks or other objects, which can cost them a life. They can choose from four difficulty levels -- story, casual, hard, or ultra-hard -- and customize their character's weapons and other elements. Collecting apples lets you throw them at foes as well. Coins can be used to buy character abilities and skins.

Featuring pixelated graphics, this game has an almost late 1980s-early 1990s console feel to it that's very enjoyable. Players assume a male or female character's identity and make their way through various obstacle course scenes, trying to avoid threats and pick up coins and other items in Apple Knight. They battle opponents they encounter (really, anyone in their path), sidestep pits filled with spikes, and scoop up apples periodically that can later be used as weapons. Clues occasionally pop up alerting them to things like a secret chest containing rewards that's nearby.

Apple Knight Dungeons has a simple yet fun combat system along with the platforming. With a tap of a button, the player slashes their sword. Just like the platforming controls, the attacks are smooth and fast. When an enemy attacks, there will be a window of opportunity for a counterattack. Just attack right before the enemy does, and the counter is complete. Hitting an enemy while in the air will allow the player to stay in the air and add an additional jump to the platforming mechanics. Players can also stun enemies by throwing apples they have collected throughout the levels which adds a unique charm to the game.

Apple Knight is a beautiful action platformer RPG for all ages. Explore vast levels filled with secrets, quests and loot. Defeat tough bosses. Fight wizards, knights, and monsters - or use traps to take them out from a safe distance!

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Besides the handsome rewards, the player must collect apples. They have the same value as gold coins and can be exchanged for many things. That is the strange uniqueness of Apple Knight: Dungeons that no other game has. The small apples that seemed only to be eaten now carry extraordinary value. Each level with the enemy will have many apples floating in the air. Collect as many apples as possible to exchange for valuable items to help the character increase combat power, and reduce difficulties when participating in the fight with more substantial people.

Apple Knight is an action platformer published by Limitless for Android and iOS devices, as well as This game features precise touch controls, fluid movement, and smooth animation. Players can explore vast levels filled with secrets, quests, and loot, as well as defeat tough bosses. They can fight their way through hordes of evil wizards, knights, and creatures - or activate traps to take them out from a safe distance.

Search Apple Knight (Game) on Amazon.Apple Knight is an Action Platformer game developed by Limitless, LLC. It was released to the Google Play Store in November 2019 and later for iOS, iPadOS, iPod touch, & MacOS. Apple Knight is a modern action platformer with precise touch controls, fluid movement, and smooth animation. Players can "explore vast levels filled with secrets, quests, and loot. Defeat tough bosses" while fighting evil characters such as evil wizards, knights, creatures, and more. Players also have the option to activate traps to take out villains from a safe distance. Apple Knight is continuously being updated, with the latest update dating to Feb 13, 2021.

Apple Knight is an Action game with 40 complete levels, which is four worlds with ten levels. Apple knight includes four bosses that players can fight to earn items. Players play through endless random levels to get their high score on the worldwide leaderboards. Furthermore, the game's players can customize character skins, weapons, abilities, and even pets. There are two secret areas in each level for players to find, and what they hold is still a mystery! The game has six customizable touchscreen control layouts that allow mobile users to become comfortable with the game's function. And Lastly, they have in-game Achievements and Leaderboards to keep players engaged.