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Ultimate DSMIS Night

It has customized exciting survival nights, including changes to the familiar characters of FNAF 2 and some other supporting characters. So you can enjoy a new experience with better and more varied visuals. Get your mask ready before the animatronics arrive.

Ultimate DSMIS Night

The classic point and click gameplay remains the same so you continue to become a night watchman in a closed room. You can see everything through the camera and have a robot mask just in case. If having any movement, use your mask to dodge unexpected visits.

You can customize your experience in the FNAF 2 Custom Night game. That is, you can choose which animatronics will participate in each of your nights. This is a great thing, making it possible to meet characters you like often and have interesting clashes with those faces.

This FNAF horror game does not seem to be too new and close with the original FNAF. So you still get the familiarity you need to stay engaged. Better picture, realistic sound and dark background full of ghosts. All of them will make up your epic nights before dawn in this FNAF download.

To play the game you can get FNAF 2 Custom Night Remastered free download here for free. Just download the game and open it up, choose your favorite characters and go. What follows are your nights exploring everything in the old room. 041b061a72


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