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Barbie As The Princess And The Pauper Crack

Julian:To be a princessIs to know which spoon to useTo be a princessIs a thousand pairs of shoesTo maintain a regal gait,Leave the parsley on your plate,And be charming but detached,And yet amusedTo be a princessIs to never be confusedDo a plié and never fall,Don't ever stray from protocolAll through the dayThere's just one wayYou must behaveDo keep a grip and never crack!Stiff upper lip and arch the back!Bend from aboveAnd always wear your glovesAnd waveShoulders back and,Tummy in and,Pinky out and,Lift the chin and,Slowly turn the head fromSide to sideErika:I see nowJulian:Breathing gently,Stepping lightly,Smile brightly,Nod politely,Never show a thing you feel inside.Glide!To be a princessIs to always look your bestTo be a princessIs to never get to rest!Sit for a portrait, never squirm!Sleep on a mattress extra firmSpeak and be cleverNever at a loss for wordsCurtsey to every count and lord,Learn how to play the harpsichord!Sing lullabies and always harmonize in thirdsJulian and Erika:Thirds, thirds!Julian:And... she has beautiful eyesYour spirits riseWhen she walks in the roomErika:I see.Julian:Doors close,And the chemistry grows.She's like a roseThat's forever in bloom!Julian and (Erika):Do a plié and don't(Ever, ever, ever fall!)Never show dismay,(And be there when people call!)Be prepared whatever royal life will bring.Do keep a grip and don't(Ever, ever, ever crack!)Take a dainty sip(Never ever turn your back!)There's a time and place andWay for everything!Julian:To be a princessIs to never make your bedTo be a princessIs to always use your head!

Barbie as the princess and the pauper crack



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