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Tornado Alley Ultimate GUI

If the storm is moving extremely quickly or producing a violent tornado, I will then swap for my Nikon 70-200mm and take advantage of its telephoto capabilities. This lens gives me just a bit more of a safety buffer, while still being able to capture the emotion and power of the storm.

Tornado Alley Ultimate GUI

Also, keep an eye out for unique formations like rainbows, mammatus clouds, inflow bands, and more when you have some distance between you and the storm. These features are far more interesting, in my opinion, than being up close and personal with a tornado.

If the tornado begins destroying homes, for me the photography aspect is over and if I can safely get to those homes I will begin to render aid. If you do not know how to safely help someone with injuries, please just leave the storm and make room for the first responders to get in and help.

During When Day Breaks' first stage, the song What's Justice will play. As mentioned before, extreme red fog and extreme lightning strikes are constant. However, there will also be a very large tornado that persists throughout the stage. Four random bonus disasters will occur in succession alongside the tornado, but they are all more enhanced than usual. An RP message will appear before reach disaster saying the disaster number. During each disaster, there is the possibility of a random side disaster taken from another gamemode occuring, such as falling bombs, rising toxic liquid, and more.

During this, Category 7 Hypercane Logan will start. Compared to the Category 6 hypercane, Logan contains larger and faster debris. The eerie drone/train sound of Tornado Emergency and Pure Insanity will accompany the usual wind noise. Visibility will be near zero and any storm surges that occur will be in the form of a super tsunami followed by a flood rather than just a flood. During the eyewall phase, an extremely large EF5 tornado will form, which only dissipates once the hypercane ends.

After both Logan and Igotta dissipate, the next three disasters will occur, and are three random disasters similar to Stage 1. However, compared to the first stage's disasters, Stage 2's are largely based around tornado gamemodes rather than bonus disasters. They can be one of the following:

Rainbows' Everywhere is a wrath that only has 12 disasters. This is a fictional gamemode by viola, and you could try giving credit for ideas (if you want) I know tornado insanity isn't coming back, but I decided to make this. Thanks. :D

How phase 1 starts with that the music slowly changes to The End's music (eerie??). Also, multiple rainbows spawn, with some [human] entities that are hostile--too. An EF5 tornado spawns during the disasters.

An classic extremely sad music starts to play as the black hole itself appears above the map and begins inching closer to the ground, sucking everything in. Also, several smaller black holes move around the map like tornadoes, sucking in any player or object that gets too close. The players are given only 20 seconds to run into a portal that leads to a parallel universe before the black hole obliterates the universe and kills any remaining robloxians. Right as the timer runs out, a new mysterious voice would express their thanks in the roleplay messages towards the players for participating in their game called life before pronouncing the end of the universe. They would say that all of the deceased people would be proud of the survivors and that they love them. as the entire screen goes black, and signaling the end of space and time.

A Tornado will form, being almost double the size of Pure Insanity. After 10 seconds, it will split in half. This process will repeat until it has split 6 times. This spawns 64 tiny tornadoes. They will vanish after an extra 30 seconds.

4. Tennessee Tornado spirals around like a tornado on a steel track at super-fast speeds nearing 70 mph. This roller coaster takes riders upside-down three different times and even sends riders barreling through an underpass built right into the mountain.

Daredevil Falls is an exciting water-based log ride located in Craftsman Valley. This thrilling log ride drops riders at a staggering 60ft into a pool of water below. Prepare to be drenched!

Uniquely programmatic, this piece depicts a devastating tornado and its aftermath. A peaceful opening greets the day, suddenly shattered by the dreaded sounds of warning sirens. The music becomes frantic as the tornado sweeps through. Effects include whirly tubes, thunder tubes, trills and more for an exceptional music experience.

The most common type of skewer is dak-kkochi: grilled chicken and green onion skewers that hum with a smoky charred flavor under a sticky tangy barbecue sauce. Another popular snack is sotteok sotteok, which are like kebabs of mini sausages and rice cakes. If you ever wanted to eat potato chips on a stick, try hway-ori gamja (tornado potato), a potato cut into one long swirl, skewered and fried.

Since barndominiums are most popular in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and other parts of tornado alley, we get asked about their safety during these storms. A barndominium constructed with metal offers better protection against the elements, including tornados. Because of its steel construction, barndominiums may withstand up to an F-4 tornado.

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