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How to Freeze Time with Time Stopper 4.02

Have you ever wished you could use a trial software for longer than its expiration date? If so, you might be interested in Time Stopper 4.02, a free tool that can modify the date and time of any executable file and create a new shortcut that will extend the trial period indefinitely.

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Time Stopper 4.02 is a simple and effective way to extend trial periods of software that are based on .exe files, such as Internet Download Manager, Anti-virus software, Games and more. It works by changing the system date and time every time you launch the software through the new shortcut, so that the software thinks it is still within the trial period.

Time Stopper 4.02 is not a hacking tool or a crack. It does not damage any file or modify the registry. It only creates a new shortcut that bypasses the original expiration date of the software. It also does not block any updates or features of the software. You can use any software for unlimited time with Time Stopper 4.02.

How to Use Time Stopper 4.02

Using Time Stopper 4.02 is very easy and straightforward. Just follow these steps:

  • Download Time Stopper 4.02 from here and install it on your computer.

  • Run Time Stopper 4.02 and click on "Browse" to select the .exe file of the software you want to extend the trial period.

  • Choose a new name for the shortcut and a date that is within the trial period of the software. For example, if you have just downloaded a software that has a 30-day trial period, you can choose tomorrow's date.

  • Click on "Create Desktop Shortcut" and wait for a few seconds until a new icon appears on your desktop.

  • Delete or hide the original shortcut or .exe file of the software to avoid confusion.

  • Launch the software through the new shortcut created by Time Stopper 4.02 and enjoy using it without any expiration date.


Time Stopper 4.02 is a free tool that can extend the trial period of any .exe file based software by changing the system date and time every time the software is launched. It can be useful for users who want to test or use trial software without paying for the full version or facing expiration dates. However, Time Stopper 4.02 also has some limitations and drawbacks, such as compatibility issues, legal risks, ethical concerns and security threats. Therefore, users should use Time Stopper 4.02 with caution and discretion, and respect the rights and efforts of the software developers. d282676c82


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