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Rolling (The Loco Deep Remix)

This brand new release for Record Store Day 2023 captures the bands complete show in Brussels, newly remixed by Tom Dalgety from the soundboard multi-tracks. During their 2009 reunion tour, alternative rock pioneers Pixies performed their seminal album Doolittle in full, plus B-sides and an encore of greatest hits. Featuring raucous versions of Doolittle era classics such as Debaser, Tame, and Gouge Away plus fan-favourite deep cuts including Dancing The Manta Ray, There Goes My Gun, and Weird At My School Doolittle Live In Brussels, 2009 is an essential release for Pixies fans. Pressed on 2 x 140g green and blue translucent vinyl, housed in a wide-spine sleeve featuring UV spot-gloss detailing and printed inner sleeves.Side A 1. Dancing The Manta Ray 2. Weird At My School 3. Bailey's Walk 4. Manta Ray 5. Debaser 6. Tame 7. Wave Of Mutilation Side B 1. I Bleed 2. Here Comes Your Man 3. Dead 4. Monkey Gone To Heaven 5. Mr. Grieves 6. Crackity Jones 7. La La Love You Side C 1. No. 13 Baby 2. There Goes My Gun 3. Hey 4. Silver 5. Gouge Away 6. Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf) Side D 1. Into The White 2. U-Mass 3. Vamos 4. Gigantic 5. Where Is My Mind?

Rolling (The Loco Deep Remix)

Jump into a candy-filled party and unwind to deep house tunes and electro vibes by DJ REDOXX every Sunday at La Piscina. Relish unlimited food and drinks while strolling down a refreshing pool filled with colourful and playful candies.Dhs300 (house beverages). Sun 1pm-4pm. Palazzo Versace Dubai, Jaddaf Waterfront (04 556 8805).

  • Video Games Now on AdventureQuest Worlds. At the end of the recent Mythsong Valley saga, the sixth Chaos Lord turns out not to be Discordia, but the special guest of the big Friday event, Kimberly of One Eyed Doll, whose music Discordia had been entranced by. Drakath turned her into a Chaos Lord by sticking a mind-controlling Ear Worm into her head. Only by defeating her does Kimberly manage to get the Chaos tune out of her head and return to normal.

  • In the Claptastic Voyage DLC of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!, one of the sidequests has you trying to kill a literal ear worm crawling within Claptrap's mind, which takes the form of a Thresher with subwoofers on its head that's constantly blaring said song. The song is so infectious that there's even cut dialog of the player characters humming along.

  • Cragne Manor: One of the more surreal puzzles in the game involves you knocking down a shack, then an earworm of "Tubthumping" getting stuck in your head. You can sing along to the song, and the lyrics get progressively corrupted and disturbing. Since the earworm is only imaginary, to get rid of it, you can sever its ties to your brain with an imaginary knife you find elsewhere in the area.

  • In the "knocking" puzzle in Chaos in Deponia, Rufus must remember a secret code knock, but he keeps getting distracted by the catchy music that plays in the marketplace, making him forget the knock. To solve this puzzle, you go into the game's settings and turn the background music off.

  • Destiny 2 has Savathûn's song, which is described by Eris as being a "Viral Chant," used by the Witch-Queen as a method of influencing and controlling those that hear it. It's been heard coming from Shaxx, Crow, and even the population of the city itself. Now consider the fact that this was the first thing players heard when starting the game for an entire year.

  • Fallen London has "Plagued by a Popular Song", a "menace" quality that characters gain from failures. The song in question is "Pop Goes the Weasel" and bad things will happen to your pet weasels if it gets too high.

  • Fallout 4: The ad jingle for the titular park of the "Nuka World" DLC. "What if there was a place with all the zip of Nuka-Cola? Wouldn't it be the cheer, cheer, cheeriest place in all the world?" Random raiders will occasionally complain about the song being stuck in their head.

  • Fortune Street has a level based on the original Super Mario Bros., complete with requisite remix of the overworld music. When selected as opponents, Mario says how much he loves the song, while Bowser roars that he'll never get the song out of his head.

  • Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock has the "Player of the Ear Worm" trophy for playing the same song 10 or more times.

  • In Kingdom of Loathing, in the last boss battle of the Accordion Thief's Nemesis quest, the Big Bad has the ability to not only get a demonic song stuck in your head, but physical ear worms as well! The only way to get rid of them is to sing a different Ear Worm in response, which enrages the worms and sends them back to attack the Big Bad. The kicker? The cure is a mashup of "Feliz Navidad" and "The Fish Heads Song".

  • Kirby: Planet Robobot: Susie mentions that the Haltmann Company's theme song (which is also the game's main theme), "The Noble Haltmann", is very catchy. She can be spotting singing at certain points during the game as well.

  • In Lollipop Chainsaw, a zombie bemoans:Zombie: I can't get this Katy Perry song out of my head! What a terrible way to die!

  • Monkey Island: In The Curse of Monkey Island, a character tells the story of how almost all of his pirate crew killed themselves, when stricken with the game's theme song.

  • Later, in Tales of Monkey Island Chapter II: Siege of Spinner Cay, Guybrush wonders why a certain tune is stuck in his head. The tune is Largo LaGrande's theme from Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge.

  • No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle: Travis found "Philistine", the song sung by the 4th-ranked assassin Margaret Moonlight during the battle with her, to be "catchy as hell". She asks if he memorized the song, and she happily dies after he says he has. Immediately after this, Travis whistles some of the song.

  • Lampshaded in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. When Peach takes a shower, she hums both the overworld and underwater themes from the original Super Mario Bros.

  • Persona: If you talk to Kei Nanjo in the pharmacy in Persona, you catch him singing along with the pharmacy song (a potent Ear Worm). He then realizes you're listening to him and demands you join in.

  • In Persona 3, NPCs are overheard talking about how insanely catchy the "Tanaka's Amazing Commodities" TV show theme is.

  • In Persona 4, Teddie complains that the music playing in the old-school video game-inspired "Void Quest" dungeon has gotten stuck in his head.

  • Splatoon 2 turns this into a major plot point. The "Calamari Inkantation" from the first game is so phenomenally catchy that it makes slews of Octarians realize that there's more to life than the militarized underground they call home, inspiring them to defect and live peacefully on the surface amongst Inklings. The song is also one of the only memories that survives Agent 8's amnesia in the Octo Expansion.

  • In The World Ends with You, one of the thought fragments that can be read, features someone trying to get a "Dempa"(?) tune out of their head.



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