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[S4E1] A Good Treason

Bjorn stepped up nicely while his father daydreamed of Valhalla, but his choices never seem good enough for Ragnar. I understand the King was not prepared to deal with his old friend's crime, but "storywise" I am glad this is being dealt with sooner rather than later. Dragging Floki's arc out all season would get old quick.

[S4E1] A Good Treason

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Bjorn leaving Kattegat to prove himself was a good move. Not just because he needs to impress his father, but as I mentioned earlier the character needs to engage us as an audience. I have faith Bjorn will grow more than ever this season, he simply has to if Ragnar's story is coming to an close.

Ragnar's fatherly advice was touching and I loved when he said, "prove me wrong." Aslaug mentioning Bjorn's death was awful, I can't blame anyone for hating her this year.Overall, I thought this installment picked up nicely where we left off and set up the drama for the season. Hirst's writing is so brilliant, I'm sure were in for another wild ride. Will there be a time jump? Who will live and who will die? Your guess is as good as mine, let's discuss it further. 041b061a72


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