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Buy A Buffalo Wild Wings Franchise

Our series on the the best food franchises to buy in 2022 continues, this time with an eye toward a comfort-food staple format: chicken and wings. In case you missed our previous entries, you can review pizza franchises for sale or the best sandwich franchises in 2022.

buy a buffalo wild wings franchise

While food franchises of all formats have encountered a difficult economic environment, business appears to be improving for many franchises, with chicken and wings chains showing improving year-over-year store visit numbers this summer. And for chicken franchises in particular, DoorDash provided some good news when its recent order trend analysis revealed that fried chicken sandwiches have been its most-ordered item in the pandemic.

The Buffalo Wild Wings franchise was started in 1982 when founders Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery were in search of authentic Buffalo, New York-style chicken wings after moving to Ohio. The pair opened their first location in Columbus, Ohio later that year and the wing chain has been growing strong ever since with more than 1000 locations in all 50 U.S. States, Canada, Mexico and the Philippines.

What to know about Buffalo Wild Wings franchise? Your Restaurant will have a sports entertainment-oriented, casual/fast-casual restaurant theme, and will offer on-premises dining and carry-out and offer for sale a wide variety of chicken wings, sandwiches, and other products and beverages, including alcoholic beverages.

When considering the cost of operating a Buffalo Wild Wings franchise, one of the most important parts of the budget to understand is the Cost of Goods. This includes the cost of food, drinks, packing materials, and any other necessary ingredients or supplies used to make the wings. According to a survey conducted in 2019, Buffalo Wild Wings material costs per average meal are $7.53. This price includes ingredients as well as kitchen and packing supplies.

Packaging is a key cost within the Cost of Goods. To keep customers safe and their wings consistent, Buffalo Wild Wings franchises use specialized sauces, rubs, and wax paper to ensure meals are packaged correctly. The price of packaging materials, including wax paper and condiment cups, averages out to $1.22 per average meal.

Buffalo Wild Wings ($BWLD), the restaurant known for sports, beer, and (duh) chicken wings, hasn't had a great couple years. Just this month, its franchisee holding company Diversified Restaurant Holdings reported a $1.8 million net loss on a 5.2% drop in same-store sales for the third quarter. 041b061a72


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