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ORDS Download 21: Explore the Benefits of SODA for REST and PL/SQL Gateway

ORDS Download 21: How to Install and Use Oracle REST Data Services

If you are looking for a way to connect your Oracle Database with the web, you might want to check out ORDS Download 21. ORDS stands for Oracle REST Data Services, and it is a Java application that bridges HTTPS and your Oracle Database. In this article, we will show you how to download, install, and use ORDS 21, and what benefits it can bring to your database development and management.

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What is ORDS and why you need it

ORDS is a middleware that allows you to access and manipulate your Oracle Database data and stored procedures using RESTful web services. REST stands for Representational State Transfer, and it is a style of web architecture that uses HTTP methods (such as GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) to perform operations on resources (such as tables, views, procedures) identified by URIs (Uniform Resource Identifiers).

By using ORDS, you can expose your database objects and logic as RESTful web services that can be consumed by any client that supports HTTP, such as web browsers, mobile apps, or other applications. This way, you can leverage the power and scalability of your Oracle Database in a modern and flexible way.

ORDS features and benefits

Some of the main features and benefits of ORDS are:

  • It provides a Database Management REST API that allows you to perform common database administration tasks, such as creating users, granting privileges, managing tablespaces, etc.

  • It includes SQL Developer Web, a web-based version of Oracle SQL Developer that lets you execute queries and scripts, create and alter database objects, build data models, access Performance Hub, and view database activity.

  • It offers a PL/SQL Gateway that enables you to run PL/SQL code in the database through HTTP requests.

  • It supports SODA for REST, a simple and flexible API for storing and retrieving JSON documents in the database.

  • It allows you to publish RESTful web services for interacting with the data and stored procedures in your database. You can use SQL or PL/SQL to define the service logic, or use Automatic REST to generate the services automatically from your database objects.

  • It supports various security mechanisms, such as HTTPS, OAuth2, JWT, SSL/TLS, etc., to protect your data and services.

  • It is compatible with various versions of Oracle Database, from 11g to 21c, as well as Oracle Autonomous Database on Oracle Cloud.

  • It is easy to install and configure, and it can run on any Java EE compliant server, such as Tomcat, GlassFish, WebLogic, etc.

ORDS requirements and compatibility

To use ORDS, you need the following:

  • An Oracle Database instance that you want to connect to. It can be on-premises or on Oracle Cloud. The minimum supported version is

  • A Java EE compliant server that can host the ORDS application. The minimum supported version is Java SE 8 or Java EE 7.

  • A Java Development Kit (JDK) that matches the version of your Java server. The minimum supported version is JDK 8.

  • An ORDS installation file that you can download from Oracle website or Oracle Cloud.

How to download ORDS 21

You can download ORDS 21 from two sources:

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