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High Flyers 1x4

  • OREI HD-EX104-K: 1080p 1x4 HDMI Extender Splitter Upto 395 FeetKey Features:Supports 20 60Hz IR Pass Back

  • Output 1080p signal up to long-distance of 120 m / 400 feet with Cat5e/6/7 cable

  • It extends HDMI audio/video signals to synchronous

  • Supports cascade connection using a LAN switch or router

  • The output video display is as fluent as the direct connection

  • Surround sound up to 7.1-channel or stereo digital audio

  • Compatible with ProLNK receiver device

  • Compatible with HDCP compliant devices & content

  • Control a DVD Player or Other HDMI Video Source from a Remote Location with the included IR cables that forward commands over a dedicated DDC Channel

  • Lossless Transmission with Minimal Latency

  • Ideal Solution for HDMI Exhibition, Video Conference, Meeting rooms and Bars, etc.

  • Plug & Play Setup without any Software Installation

The OREI HD-EX104 is the perfect solution for splitting and extending your HDMI signal with Full HD resolution to multiple displays over long distances. It uses PermiumHD technology to split 1 HDMI source to 4 displays simultaneously over a single CAT5/5e/6 cable for each display up to 120m / 400ft, any one of four PermiumHD receiver works with the splitter individually, and the highest resolution supported is 1080p@60Hz.

High Flyers 1x4

A booklet is just a little book. And just like a big book, a booklet is bound, rather than folded. Typically, they have higher quality paper than brochures and more durable binding. Generally, important, evergreen information is reserved for booklets and the higher printing cost they command.

Give your products a unique look using our Round Labels. These Die-Cut shapes make ordinary tags look fun & stylish. They are excellent promotional tools for all kinds of items. You can use them for beauty products, postal packaging, food & beverages and even candles. They are highly flexible and affordable. They are suitable for a guerrilla marketing campaign or for a more personal use like a wedding favor or gift bag label.Our Round labels are available in different sizes and paper stocks. We use premium materials to give you the quality labels you deserve. Our die-cut labels come in rolls for easy dispensing by either hand or machine. Also their self-adhesive properties make them suitable for most surfaces.Ordering labels is super easy! Just upload your design and we'll proof it for FREE to make sure your file is error-free and print-ready. If you need help with your designs, one of our experts can give you a hand through our affordable Design Services.Standard turnaround time is 6 business days. For more information on our Circle Labels contact us at 1-888-296-5760.

Piezoelectric driven switches are especially designed for high switching speeds in the millisecond range. Piezoelectric actuators enable the optical switch to couple optical fibers with an accuracy of few micro.

Free label templates make printing easy for all of our high quality labels. Whether you're printing on an inkjet or laser printer, choose the template file download that corresponds to the label you are printing. Most label templates are available in four popular file types, so you can choose the one that you are most comfortable with.

Designed for high-power connections, EXTreme Ten60 Power Connectors offer multiple blade styles in 30.0, 60.0 and 120.0A configurations, features that facilitate blind-mating, and high-voltage solutions for backplane and midplane designs

EXTreme Ten60 Connectors may be used with split/low-power blades mixed with standard/high power blades for the appropriate amperage and voltage of an application. Select from our high-density-signal modules for 10 to 40 signals or use the signal modules side by side to get up to 120 signals.

In 2022, District 15 fully adopted Illustrative Mathematics as our district curricular resources. Illustrative Math is a problem-based core curriculum designed to address content and practice standards to foster learning for all. Students learn by doing math, solving problems in mathematical and real-world contexts, and constructing arguments using precise language. Teachers can shift their instruction and facilitate student learning with high-leverage routines to guide learners to understand and make connections between concepts and procedures.

With up to a 4 megapixel CMOS sensor, the Lector65x has the resolution to read all object sizes from large to small. Thanks to the dynamic focus, unique for matrix cameras in world, and the dynamic brightness adjustment, the Lector65x System produces highest quality images. These images could even be used for other vision related tasks. With an integrated tracking function, object gaps can be reduced, increasing the overall throughput on the conveyor or sorting system. Building on the MSC800 networking concept, the Lector65x System can easily be combined with other products, such as ICR8xx line-scanning cameras, volume measurement systems, laser-based code readers, or weigh scales. This allows the best possible solution to be generated for each challenge.

The camera-based solution allows for a high read rate, even for heavily damaged and dirty codes. Optional clear text recognition and video coding provide additional reading reliability, for instance if the baggage source message (BSM) is absent. 041b061a72


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