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Cómo usar un servidor TFTP para actualizar y respaldar una imagen IOS de Cisco con ejercicios de packet tracer resueltos ccna 2

Ejercicios De Packet Tracer Resueltos Ccna 2 The first step in this exercise is to build a simple topology to show connectivity. To do this the user must build a Gigabit Ethernet topology of two subnets: and The second step is to configure each switch to have port connectivity with all the other switches in the topology. To do this the user must select the ports that will connect the devices in each switch.

Ejercicios De Packet Tracer Resueltos Ccna 2

c. Assign IP addresses to the VPN as per the Router IP Address Pool table. Ejercicios De Packet Tracer Resueltos Ccna 2 a. Configure the Gigabit Ethernet 0/0 interface on PC-R to receive an IP address from DHCP.PC-R(config)# interface gigabitethernet 0/0 PC-R(config-if)# ip address dhcp PC-R(config-if)# no shutdownNote: Use Packet Tracer Fast Forward Time feature to speed up the process.b. Use the show ip interface brief command on the Access Controller to verify that the PC-R receives an IP address from DHCP.

These packets were sent to each switch to determine which port they are received. There are four switched ports that are all receiving packets, one every 8th VLAN, and it should be VLAN 1, VLAN 3, VLAN 5, and VLAN 7. The Catalyst 6500 series switch should assign 1 for VLAN 1, 2 for VLAN 3, 4 for VLAN 5, and 6 for VLAN 7.

Ping from the host to the switch should behave the same way, as should incoming ping. The output will be in the VLAN ID, with the packet size, and the PHY type. You will use the output to determine which port it is.


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