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Buy Omega Speedmaster Professional

These two models are actually the one that was worn by the astronauts in the Apollo 11 on the moon. You can see the additional crown guards added to the model on the recommendation of NASA in case there is a risk of pushers being knocked off with the extended use. These 321 Calibre professional watches are actually the least expensive as far as the vintage 321 movement goes.

buy omega speedmaster professional

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The most important criterion for wearing a watch every day is the design and looks. And this is where you can't go wrong with the Speedmaster. The watch offers a classic design that any watch enthusiast will know, anyone can appreciate, and that will compliment any outfit you wear. This, to me, truly is an all-rounder watch for any situation. It's both professional and casual; intricate and simple; rugged and delicate. 041b061a72


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