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How MechDome Transforms Your Android App into a Native iOS or OS X App in Seconds

MechDome: Run your Android apps on iPhones and iPads

If you are an Android app developer, you might have wondered how to reach the iOS market without learning a new programming language or using a different IDE. Or, if you are an iOS user, you might have wished to run some Android apps that are not available on the Apple App Store. Well, there is a solution for both scenarios: MechDome.

MechDome: Run your Android apps on iPhones and iPads!


MechDome is a developer tool that automatically converts Android apps into iOS and OS X apps, without requiring any code changes or UI modifications. In this article, we will explore what MechDome is, how it works, what are its benefits and challenges, and how to use it to convert your Android app to iOS or OS X.

What is MechDome and how does it work?

MechDome is a start-up company based in California that has developed a conversion tool to automatically create native iOS and OS X apps from your Android app. You don't need to learn how to use a new IDE or API. All you need to do is send an APK file to MechDome, and the fully automated tool will compile a standalone binary in seconds for iOS or OS X that you can then distribute on the Apple App Store or privately.

MechDome is a developer tool that automatically converts Android apps into iOS and OS X apps

MechDome takes your APK file as input and converts it into an executable file for iOS or OS X. The conversion process involves translating the Java bytecode of your app into native ARM or x86 code, depending on the target platform. The converted app runs natively on the device, without requiring any emulation or virtualization.

MechDome uses a single codebase and preserves UI elements and native functionality

One of the main advantages of MechDome is that it allows you to use the same codebase for both Android and iOS platforms, which reduces development time and cost. You don't need to rewrite your app in Swift or Objective-C, or use a different UI builder. MechDome handles converting all Android UI elements, such as buttons, text fields, menus, dialogs, etc., into their iOS equivalents. Moreover, MechDome retains most of the native functionality of your app, such as network access, camera, sensors, notifications, etc., by mapping them to the corresponding iOS frameworks.

MechDome supports various Android features and libraries on iOS

MechDome supports most of the standard Android features and libraries on iOS, such as:

  • Android SDK (up to API level 23)

  • Android Support Library



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