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Master Distributors is the largest wholesaler and distributor of POS hardware and accessories in Canada. We also stock high-quality thermal papers from leading manufacturers. 

Used in POS receipt printers, ATMs, cash registers, kiosks, and EFTPOS terminals, thermal papers are predominantly used to print receipts, shipping labels, medical charts, graphs, etc. We have a wide range of thermal papers of various dimensions to fulfill your printing needs. 

Why Buy Our Thermal Papers?

We have established a reputation for reliability and high-quality solutions since 2001. We have skilled, committed, and trained staff who meticulously research the market to find high-quality products. This is what sets us apart from other distributors. We respond to our customer's needs to deliver the highest quality products and boost business operations. Here is how thermal papers can help your business:

·      Improved Printing Efficiency

Thermal papers offer high-quality prints and crystal-clear images. 

·      Fast Print Speed

Texts and images are formed on thermal papers due to a thermal reaction in milliseconds. 

·      Custom Printing 

Enhance your POS functionality with custom printing ability on our thermal papers. 

·      Long Shelf Life

Buy our thermal papers with a long Shelf life and enjoy hassle-free receipt or label printing. 

·      Easy Procurement

Get an easy ordering process with fast shipping and discounts on bulk purchases. 

Request a Quote

Apart from thermal papers, we also sell label printers, touch monitors, barcode scanners, store signage supplies, and a wide range of other POS solutions as well. All our products are of the highest accreditation standards, which means you only get high performance and quality with optimal productivity and efficiency. 

Call 1-888-905-7008 or email to learn about discounts and more. 


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