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Ropalolyst Takes No Dmg From Lazer __HOT__

Ideally you want an amp with the Klamora prism from Vox Solaris on Fortuna. With that amp I can pop the shields before the ropalolyst can get back in the air. And you can 1 shot the synovias with a decent sniper or gunblade. It all comes down to your modding, I always recommend new players just get those rank 10 mods to rank 8 because you only gain 10% extra bonus for rank 10 and it costs 3 times as much in credits and endo from 8 to 10.

Ropalolyst Takes No Dmg From Lazer

i used zephyr prime her 3 "turbulence" deflect the death ray and other attacks, and you can yeet yourself to the towers using the 1 "tailwind", for amp i used a klamora prism but i had the problem that sometimes the ropalolyst fly out of the range of the amp, for the synovias i removed the dust from my catchmoon and used it again after a long time, it was modded for rad, i was just jumping around shooting the ropalolyst while i ignored the sentients in the last part, after the health was low i pressed the button and was done with it

I found out that if you fail to kill all enemies beside the boss within 15 minutes or so, the mission fails. There is even a warning and a timer for it that pops up.My issue was getting to kill these sentients as I'm running out of bullets to kill form afar and they adapt to the damage anyway. To kill them fast I need to melee them with a Parasises but they hide under the Ropalolyst which grab me the moment I get under it. By then I take too much damage and die from the amount of sentients. If I want to survive (I'm using Inaros Prime), I need to shoot the sentients from afar and then focus on the boss. Now, I can kill with ranged weapons but it takes too much time so the mission fails.


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